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the guiding, teaching,
& awakening work of

Myron McClellan & Lawrence Phillips

To be one with the Spirit, one with others, and one with the earth is our common birthright. In that oneness we also find our individual and unique path through life.

The way of the mystic is one in which we seek to transform suffering into compassion, joy, and love. The task is to stay in touch with the delight we find in our connection with the Divine. This requires an understanding of the interplay of shadow and light, rest and action, discipline and freedom, body and Spirit.

Through a range of physical movements, psychological modalities, and spiritual practices, we work to awaken rapture and expand consciousness in every area of life. This exploration provides a direct experience of the body and spirit as intimately entwined, for they are as linked as heaven and earth, the Divine and the human.

We celebrate the oneness of body and Spirit and invite you to join us in an abundant feast of learning, healing, and transforming—experiences that enrich life and deepen joy.

Myron and Lawrence share an astonishing breadth and wealth of knowledge and experience in the physical, spiritual, and emotional realms. They ground their mystical gifts with solid practical advice, and are inspiring to listen to, easy to understand, and delightful to be around. - Deborah Shouse and Ron Zoglin, The Creativity Connection

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