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Mystical Musings

You are invited to join Myron McClellan and Lawrence Phillips for a monthly gathering of spiritual renewal in the company of the like-minded.

Mystical Musings is a celebration of the sacred that promotes growth and an evolution of consciousness. The musing doesn't present doctrine or dogma, but rather explores the mystical dimensions of life and spirituality that support you in connecting with the Divine.

Myron and Lawrence present a specific theme each month—an idea or issue that arises organically in their lives and in the lives of their colleagues, students, clients, and friends—and engage with this subject by touching on a range of spiritual traditions and creative explorations.

They lead inspiring meditation and easy movement, present improvisational music, offer homilies, read poetry, and infuse the proceedings with humor, sensuality, new insight, and wise counsel for honoring the body, expanding the mind, and tuning into the spirit. These monthly gatherings provide a contemporary expression of the spiritual impulse that resonates with people of good will everywhere.

Musings are held on one Sunday a month. (See upcoming dates below) from 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon at the library of Colorado Heights University (the former Loretto Heights College) at 3001 S. Federal Blvd. at Dartmouth, Denver 80236.  

From Hampden Avenue, Route 285, take the Federal Blvd. exit north, and go a half-milei up the hill to Dartmouth Avenue. Turn left and travel west onto the CHU campus. Take the right fork and park in the Faculty/Staff parking lot, immediately on the left. Follow the signs to "MYSTICAL MUSINGS IN THE LIBRARY."

Musings will be held the third Sunday of the month except in December: November 15 and December 13, 2015 .

Participants are asked to make a contribution of $20.00. Please register with Myron or Lawrence by calling 303.761.0740, or e-mailing Lawrence at lawrence@onebodyspirit.net. If you don't have time to register in advance, please just arrive by 10:30 on the morning of the Musing, and always feel free to bring a friend.

Afterward, there is time to socialize and enjoy coffee, tea, and sweets.

Myron and Lawrence also take Mystical Musings on the road, presenting them to communities of faith, gatherings of friends, interfaith groups, and any other group eager to enjoy them. To discuss the possibility of booking a Mystical Musing event, please call 303.761.0740

CDs of Mystical Musings, both current and past, are available for $15.00 each.

Blessings of Bliss
This musing explores how you can learn to feel sacred energy coursing through your body, and how to mediate the energy in a way that keeps you grounded in embodied experience, while also sending sensual and mystical energy into the world as a blessing. Presented October 2006

The Power of Mystical Activism
There are exciting and challenging energies afoot these days, making the need for mystical activism even more relevant and important. This musing explores the path of the spiritual warrior and suggests ways this part of each of us can engage with the world, and be of use in our personal life as well. Presented September 2006

Holy Rest and the Deep Need for a Sabbath
In our contemporary lives there is so much emphasis on doing that doing nothing, which can be a very sacred enterprise, is rarely considered worthwhile. This musing makes the case for taking time away from the world of action in order to have a direct experience of the Divine. Presented July 2006

The Good Father Within
This celebration of the good father archetype delves into its meaning and manifestation in everyone—both male and female, young and old. The musing explores the relationship of the interior good father as a part of the personality and demonstrates how this aspect of the psyche helps us face reality. Presented June 2006

From Inertia to Action
We tend to cling to our habits like life preservers, and yet challenging them directly offers an opportunity for rigidity to soften and a full range of possibility to come into view. This musing considers non-habituality and how to move from the habit of inertia to a more freely flowing life.
Presented July 2006

Spiritual Habits
Presented July 2006

The Gnostic Way of Knowing
Deep spiritual truths are evoked when the heart and intuition come alive within us. An academic approach to learning is somewhat limited, while spiritual explorations, like those found in passages of the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas, show us how divine knowledge enriches daily life and our growing appreciation of the sacred. Presented March 2006

Balancing Vicious and Correct Energies
Presented February 2006

Sacred Silence in the Realm of Unknowing
Presented January 2006

Other musings from 2005 and 2004 are also available:

Exploring Flexibility, Adaptability & Resilience Presented December 2005

The Lightness of Being: Fun, Play & Laughter Presented November 2005

Being Here Now: Empowering Spirit and Soul Presented October 2005

Living on Your Growing Edge Presented September 2005

Bringing Passionate Peace to Your Relationships Presented August 2005

The Task of Mystical Trust Presented July 2005

Finding Passionate Peace Presented May 2005

Body and Soul: Embodying Meditation Presented April 2005

The Mystic Resurrection of Easter Presented March 2005

Enlivening Prayer Presented February 2005

Awakening Compassion Presented January 2005

The Healing Qualities of Rapture Presented December 2004

A Celebration of Sacred Community Presented November 2004

Transforming Perceptions Presented October 2004

Breaking Through Political Polarization Presented September 2004

Finding Harmony in Uncertainty Presented August 2004

Spiritual Relaxation Presented June 2004

Creating Your Reality Presented April 2004

Going Deeper by Exploring the Light and Dark Presented March 2004

The Joyful Mystic Presented February 2004

To order CDs of Mystical Musings please call 303.761.0740


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