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Myron's Work

Myron McClellan is a mentor, mystic, musician, and philosopher whose work was first nationally recognized when he taught religion and literature at Princeton University. He is known for the spiritual quality of his music, his gifts of medical and spiritual intuition, and the poetic and practical quality of his philosophy. Myron earned a graduate degree in religion at Princeton, and a degree in music at Wesleyan University where he studied music composition with John Cage.

Early in his career, Myron had a profound mystical experience that changed completely the way he plays and composes music. He learned that improvisation has the power to connect listeners with a felt sense of the Divine and to deepen the effect of spiritual teachings as well. His compositions have been performed throughout the U.S., and in Europe and Africa, and his spiritual teaching and counseling work continue to reach people in many states and in other countries around the world. A man of many interests, Myron has climbed some of the world�s highest mountains, co-invented devices that combat electromagnetic pollution, and taken an active role in the creation of the American Holistic Medical Association.

Myron McClellan provides intuitive guidance, and mentoring to those who are interested in developing their own spiritual gifts, and prescribes steps for awakening, healing, and transforming the challenges of life into a deep understanding of its complexity and fullness.

He sees clients in private practice and speaks to groups of people who are seeking a new level of growth and a rich range of spiritual and psychological approaches to life issues such as relationships, health, and life work.

Myron uses sacred piano improvisations to assist people in expanding their awareness. He is also a gifted interpreter of dreams, and works with the deep past of his clients to understand how the past influences present experience. Myron is also a highly skilled grief counselor.

Myron's work is well-suited for those who are eager to experience a more complete understanding of themselves and the Divine, and who wish to integrate their discoveries in ways that enhance every area of their lives.

To work with Myron is to feel the presence of the ancient wisdom traditions. He awakens us to the "music of the spheres." There is nothing like his blending of the mystical, magical, and musical to heal the soul. - David Blinder, Ph.D., Vice President of Wellesley College

Myron has served as my mentor and spiritual psychotherapist for more than twenty years. He has helped me discover my gifts, clarify my purpose, and navigate my soul's journey and I'm eternally grateful. - Dr. Rob Ivker, Co-Founder and Past-President, American Board of Holistic Medicine; Past-President, American Holistic Medical Association; author


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